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Those were the days…

Do you remember your schooldays? Playing hopscotch in the yard between lessons? Eating your lunch? Or, some years later, scribbling down your homework and chatting with your friends about your latest crush? Those were the days…

What do you mean: no big deal? Children have to do to school so break between lessons were inevitable?
Yes, your are right, we have the duty to go to school here in Germany. But think of it, we also have the right to go to school! Nobody can take that away from us!,
But unfortunately, not all people in the world share those lucky school memories. Some of them remember school like that


If they could go to school, they had to spent their breaks alone because of the lack of fellow school kids. (If they had a break, of course!)
There are people who remember school more like this:

They couldn’t go to school in the first place and thus were the missing comrades.
And what about if there wasn’t a school at all?
The Italian fashion brand DOLOMITE wants to change that. They want to enable children to acquire those lucky memories and brought the charity project: EDUCATION IS A RIGHT! into life. They designed a special t-shirt and will be donating 50,00€ to a school project in Rangdum/ Himalaya for each selfie uploaded on Instagram, facebook or tumblr, at which bloggers are wearing this shirt.


Is there already someone who wants to get the shirt after me?
Oh, yes, my instagram selfie is still missing!

Here it is!!

This post was published in collaboration with Dolomite and Frank Berndt Consulting.

Get ready for the ultimate Dolomite for Rangdum overkill!

Oh my God, my Dolomite for Rangdum shirt arrived today. This will be my first collaboration! I’m going to take my selfie tomorrow and upload it here, on facebook, on Instagram and tumblr. Is there already someone who wants to get the shirt after me? I’m so excited!

News from the blogosphere: Modepuppen and DOLOMITE for Rangdum

My lovely fellow blogger, Diana from Modepuppen, is currently participating in a quite cool charity project run by DOLOMITE for Rangdum: Education is a right!
In our western world, to all of us going to school is quite self-evident and all of us have the right to go to school, but there are some regions in this world, where it is not that self-evident. There are regions where children are deprived from this right. The children in Rangdum, India, are some of them.
In order to change that, the Italian  DOLOMITE brought the project “Education is a right!” into life. They designed a special t-shirt and will be donating 50,00€ to a school project in Rangdum for each selfie uploaded on Instagram and Facebook, at which bloggers are wearing this shirt. Like Diana did:
Foto: Für uns ist Bildung selbstverständlich! Leider ist es nicht überall der Fall und es gibt noch Millionen von Kindern die keine Schulbildung genießen dürfen! DOLOMITE setzt sich für die Rechte der Kinder ein und macht es Ihnen möglich die Schule zu besuchen. Für jedes Selfie auf Instagram und Facebook spendet DOLOMITE 50€! Auch ich habe mich ins Shirt geworfen und hoffe auf eure Unterstützung. Es ist für einen guten Zweck! Wer mag mitmachen? Mein Shirt wartet auf seinen nächsten Besitzer! 󾌵 #DOLOMITE #charity #besocial #dolomiteforrangdum #germanblogger #munich #münchen
(All the rights on this picture stay with Diana and her photographer! Source of this picture: Facebook and Instagram)

Of course, I want to participate, too and I can’t wait getting my shirt, so I can add my selfie!

This little bomb of mine, I don’t gonna let it shine! #dobombe

Today is the 1st Advent Sunday and all people of Dortmund Hörde are hoping that some light won’t gonna shine. Since 9o’clock in the morning, the center of Hörde is being evacuated due to the 1,8ton British aviator bomb that was found on the 26th of November.

My Mum and I left the suburb half an hour earlier. Now we are sitting in my mothers bureau the bomb defusing live ticker always in sight.
[10:46] Next to the dud shot 3 additional phosphor bombs were found and defused.
[11:11] Police helicopter on duty.
[11:34] My German is MUCH MUCH better than that of Gaby Kolle, RuhrNachrichten reporter and vize editorial manager!!! Perhaps I should choose RuhrNachrichten vize editorial manager as a suitable career… Liebe Frau Kolle, wenn man nicht wAIss, wie man GlAIs schrAIbt, sollte man es blAIben lassen!
[11:59] Bomb humour in our evacuation shelter.
[12:18] Once the traffic has been interrupted, the defusing can be started.
[12:47] The B54 is closed. The west of Hörde is cleared. The WILO area is now under the charge of the bomb squat.
[13:13] All four sectors of Hörde are cleared!
[13:42] Defusion started!
[14:41] My special thanks goes to Karl-Friedrich Schröder and Rainer Woitschek for their brave mission and dedicated work by defusing the bomb!!
[14:56] I can go home now…



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