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What about nails?

Instagram and Youtube are currently flooded with Nailart-Accounts where you can find tutorials for the most supercalifragilisticexpialidocious nailart. Well, here is my everyday nail”art” (sic!). Just plain and simple … and classy!! No flashy’n’fancy watermarble-blingbling-drawing-gel-stuff. I’m a working woman, I don’t have the time to decorate my fingernails all day!!

What would Adrey do? Outfitpost

Coat: Amisu, Shirt: Stradivarius, cardigan’n’chino: H&M, bag: Accessorize

What would Audrey do? In Dusseldorf?

Oh my goodness, I have the whole weekend off! And more over, I have a whole weekend to spend with Polyvios!! Today we want to surround ourselves with the finer things of life: the smart set of Dusseldorf. Out of the center of the Ruhr area into the capital city of Northrhine Westphalia!! I wanted to visit the Königsallee and to feel a bit like Audrey. So the big question of the day was: What would Audrey do?
I like the Kö, especially the little watercourse with its ponds. So I simply had to take a picture, or besster, ask Polyvios to take a picture of me. And of course, Audrey would be thankful.


Therefore, kisses to the photographer!
I like pretty things but they do not have to be very expensive (although I have to admit, things I like are most of the time expensive). I don’t need high end fashion pieces most of which I even cannot afford. There are a few high end items, though, I really would like to have: a black Chanel Boy medium size (simply beautiful!), black Valentino rock stud kittenheels (I already have a pair of Caroline Blomst by Deichman which look very similar, but I’d rather have real leather ones) and this:


a Burberry trench coat! Approximately 1500,00€ which means some time of saving money, but one day one of them WILL be mine. They are so beautiful. Vivianne Westwood said once “Buy less choose well!” And this is my choice.
At the end of the Königsallee, after passing by a Starbucks, one can also find a Tiffany&Co store. Verena plus Starbucks plus Tiffany&Co equals


Not perfect, of course, next time I will have to wear black!
One of the main reasons why I wanted to go to Dusseldorf in the first place was the MAC Rocky Horror edition. I was told it would be possible to have a look at it only in Cologne and in Dusseldorf. Thus I visited the MAC store where I was told the edition was only online available. No Rocky Horror for me then. I didn’t want to buy anything but it would have been interesting to see the colours nevertheless. Audrey wouldn’t make Make up experiences. She knows her style and sticks to it. Like me and a rosewood lipliner.


After a little snack at the banks of the Rhine Polyvios thought of going home. It was a quite chilly and grey day. I remembered something I still had to do: I promised my mother to bring something for her. A little bit of luxury after her second examination. And Audrey would also keep her promises.


In Dusseldorf even the Donuts are Deluxe – and now in Dortmund, too!

Bohemian Autumn

Today was a beautiful, golden Sunday in October.  The perfect day to take Shiloh (my Mum’s dog) on an outing. We walked to a nearby park which he loved. It was quite warm, I think about 23°C, but I didn’t trust the weather thus I took my old olive coat with me, which I think, added a bohemian touch to my outfit. But I don’t want to lay down next week with a head cold, you know. But nevertheless I enjoyed the warm sunlight.

Shiloh loved being out. There was a small brook and before I could stop him, he ran into it. Boys love being dirty, and dogs are no exception, I reckon.

Hat’n’dress’n’tights: H&M, coat: Amisu, boots: Deichman, necklace: Fossil


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