I am a translator, aren’t I?!

Images © Diablog.eu 🇬🇧 Imagine you find a Call-for-papers for a German-Greek translation workshop next May in Thessaloniki on the Internet. And imagine, you have not only translated one (in numbers 1) whole cookbook (!), but you are currently translating your second (!!). What are you going to do? A: Nothing, after all, this is … I am a translator, aren’t I?! weiterlesen


T -12 months : Greece, here I come !

It's been 4 months since my last post. So let's see what has happened since then: I'm still learning Greek, but not as fast as I'd like. It's not that easy while not having someone to practice with. I can already fairly good read Greek but speaking or writing in Greek is still difficult. That's … T -12 months : Greece, here I come ! weiterlesen

What can the Germans learn from the Greeks ? Mix cocktails !

Every Greece related content fits here too 🙂

It's oil Greek to me ...

I don’t know if you know but before university I was out there – working. After school I complete an apprenticeship as a waitress of the upscale gastronomy in the Casino Hohensybur (the second largest casino after that in Thessaloniki !) . So I am not a novice to the field of gastronomy and cooking. I can carve, filet, flambé, decant and mix cocktails. At least I could do that. Now I am certainly out of practise. But anyway, I still want to know what is going on in Gastronomy. So I was thrilled to see which bars are voted to be the best 50 of the world 2018.

*Ich weiss nicht, ob Du es weisst, aber vor meinem Studium war ich da draussen – arbeiten. Nach der Schule absolvierte ich eine Ausbildung zur Restaurantfachfrau im Casino Hohensyburd (der zweitgrössten Spielbank nach Thessaloniki). Ich kann also tranchieren, filetieren, flambieren…

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Greek German Literary Symposium in Berlin (SYN_ENERGY Berlin_Athens)

That moment when there is a Greek German Literary Symposium in Berlin and you don't know how to make it … I'd love to attend their reading night. Dieser Moment, wenn ein Griechisch-Deutsches Literatursymposium in Berlin stattfindet und Du nicht weiß, wie Du hinkommst … Ich würde gerne die Lesenacht besuchen. Εκείνη τη στιγμή, όταν ένας … Greek German Literary Symposium in Berlin (SYN_ENERGY Berlin_Athens) weiterlesen