Being guest at Thanasis, where souflaki got its name

When strolling Athens‘ old city center, you will get hungry ! So where to go ? Do it like the Athenians and go to Ο Θανάσης (Thanasis) in Monasteraki. The best address when it comes to souflaki and kebab. Thanasis is so popular that you might have to wait for a free table for lunch. But once you got one you can enjoy the Athenian street life, watch passersby doing their shopping, watch hawkers and enjoy your meal listening to street musicians. Weiterlesen

Sunday stroll with my sister

Ein Poncho ist perfekt für schöne und sonnige Oktobertage

Today my sister, Yasmin, and I were strolling over the autumn market in Aplerbeck and after that we had some ice cream. The market was not so big so we have seen everything pretty quickly. Never the less, there were some highlights: a rooster on the run, free range turkeys and Carla, the wool pig. We didn’t buy that much, only two shells for Yasmin’s collection. Weiterlesen

Frappe – the king of Greek coffee

As it happen to be, the first of October was International Coffee Day. I wanted to publish this post about a typical Greek Coffees specialty at that very day but due to a lack of internet I have to post it now. Greece is THE land of Coffee (and I think the land of Jeeps as well, but this is another story).
When you go into any Greek café you will find on the menu – and next to the usual suspects like Coffee, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, a very long list of different hot and cold coffee variations. One of them is my special favourite, the Coffee Frappe. Weiterlesen

Happy National Coffee Day !!

You’ll only win the Flemish lottery, if you’ll buy a ticket …

The last 3 months I am ill at home now. That means many spare time that has/wants to be filled. So, what did I do ? I participated in 2147866325896 (probably) instagram giveaways. Aaaaand … I WON !