A Japanese girl named Ornella

Since I met Polyvios I know that he had a motorcycle, a Yamaha FZ6, and that he had sold it before moving to Germany. Since then he missed riding it. Again and again he looked for a new motorcycle. And again and again I told him „Do it !“


You’ll only win the Flemish lottery, if you’ll buy a ticket …

The last 3 months I am ill at home now. That means many spare time that has/wants to be filled. So, what did I do ? I participated in 2147866325896 (probably) instagram giveaways. Aaaaand … I WON !


Rika’s ‚Pure‘ Shooting


Do you remember Rika ? My friend whose first fashion shooting ‚Welcome to the Jungle‚ I attended ? Well, she was very busy the past months designing new pieces and last Sunday she presented them at her second shooting. During this ‚Pure‘ shooting she put the focus on some of her new uppers : sweaters, blouses and jackets.
This time Rika teamed up with Tabea Hahn (photo), Katja Grebner (make up) and Angie (model). We all met at Tabeas, where the shooting was discussed, the outfits  chosen and the make up done. The weather wasn’t that good, but nevertheless Rika stayed optimistic. The shooting was to be at a car park and as it turned out the grey sky was more than perfect for the shoot.


Nichts ist so nervig, wie die tote Journalistin von gestern !

Kostas Charitos, Leiter des Morddezernats des Distrikts Attika, hasst Journalisten. Fernsehjournalisten besonders. Dumm nur, dass er sich in Petros Markaris‘ Erstling Hellas Channel  bei jedem Mordfall mit ihnen rumschlagen muss. Und dann wird auch noch Janna Karajorgi, Starreporterin von Hellas Channel, im Sender tot aufgefunden. Jetzt hat Charitos die ganze Meute erst recht im Nacken sitzen.

von VERENA SCHÄTZLER Weiterlesen

Doadmund – where we come from : „Rust and dirt can be so beautiful, can’t they?“

©Stadt Dortmund

A few weeks ago I found on the blog of my fellow Nordstadtbloggers the anouncement of the new project „Dortmund-all-inclusive“ which aim it is to bring the citizens of the different districts closer together. Martin Eder from the Planerladen e. V., who was also involved in the planning of this project discribes it as a „district-wide citizen meeting for solidarity and cohesion throughout the city and as one of 16 selected pilot projects of the funding ‚National Urban development policyof the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation, building and nuclear safety.“
The first of these 12 meetings was themed „Eving meets Hörde“ and took place at the Phoenix West on the 30th of August where the Skywalk and the old blast furnaces could be climbed by the participants.


As autochthone citizens of ‚Höade‘ this was a must-do for my sister and me!