How to upcycle an old europallet into a herb shelf : Let’s plant

After finishing the herb shelf, it’s time for planting !

Nachdem das Kräuterregal fertig gestellt worden ist, ist es Zeit zu pflanzen !


Georg Goyert : Excursion and paper topic

Georg Goyert. Foto: Arno Hartung

Yesterday I attended my course about Georg Goyert again and I was very surprised to see that the number of students has halved over the Pentecost holidays. If this continues, we will soon only be three …
We discussed the rest of our procedure. The city of Witten would like us to organise an exhibition about Goyert and his work. That sounds nice, but means additional work for all of us next to publishing an anthology.

Gestern besuchte ich wieder meinen Kurs zu Georg Goyert und war sehr erstaunt, zu sehen, dass sich die Anzahl der Studenten über die Pfingstferien halbiert hat. Wenn das so weitergeht, werden wir nur noch  drei sein … Weiterlesen

Foreign facts : Did you know, that …


… leek is the Welsh National emblem ?

Ausländische Fakten : Wusstest Du, dass …
… Lauch das walisische Nationalemblem ist ?

My goals at #MeetTheBloggerDE

My goal as a travel blogger : My very own converted VW ‚Bulli‘- copyright

My academic goal are easy to guess if you read my posts till now very carefully. In one of my earliest post I told you that I am currently working at my third diploma, namely my PhD.


Vacation on Balkonia : Plan the next travel

Ok, you wasn’t able to travel this time. But what about your next vacation ? Perhaps then will be a opportunity to travel. So seize your staycation to plan and arrange everything. Weiterlesen