Verena Fiona and … Aristotelous Square

🇬🇧 The place to be in Thessaloniki is Aristotelous Square. Dedicated to the teacher of this guy with the horse, of course I had to go there too. That reminds me, I have failed to take a picture of the statue of Aristotle. but I have photographed a flock of pigeons while showering. You have…… Verena Fiona and … Aristotelous Square weiterlesen

Verena Fiona and … Kemal Atatürk

🇬🇧 That will be a very short mail today. I also wanted to visit the birthplace of Kemal Atatürk. However, I underestimated the distance. When I finally arrived, I was too late and the museum closed. It was said that the entrance was free, but since it belongs to the Turkish Consulate General, you have…… Verena Fiona and … Kemal Atatürk weiterlesen

Verena Fiona and … Hagios Dimitrios

🇬🇧  I also had to visit the church of Saint Dimitrios, the patron saint of Thessaloniki. The church also houses the tomb of the saint, and there was a line of people all the time who wanted to honor him. So no one should be fooled in my pictures, all churches that I visited were…… Verena Fiona and … Hagios Dimitrios weiterlesen

Verena Fiona and … Hagia Sofia

🇬🇧 As I said, if there is something that the Greeks are passionate about, it’s the churches. Although I am not Orthodox, but Protestant, I was very happy to see the churches. But I have to say, they are very ‚overloaded‘ at first sight. Meaning if you are used to the rather ’simple‘ Protestant churches.…… Verena Fiona and … Hagia Sofia weiterlesen

Verena Fiona and … Alexander, the Great

🇬🇧 The most famous Macedonian is undoubtedly Alexander, the Great. I’ve even read a poll on the internet, where it was regarded as the largest and most important Greeks even before Pythagoras. (Memo to myself: Search the poll on the internet). So he also has to be on my list … 🇩🇪 Der wohl bekannteste Makedonier…… Verena Fiona and … Alexander, the Great weiterlesen