Rockolymp Ruhrpott


Did you know that the Ruhr area has a very vivid rock and pop history ? No ? If not, don’t worry, me neither ! But know I know !!
I thought it would be a great start to begin the new year with a little bit of (music)culture. The Zeche Zollverein is apparently showing an exhibition about the Music culture of the Ruhr Area : Rock und Pop im Pott. And having spent during my twenties nearly every weekend at a alternative rock concert, this was a must see to me. Weiterlesen

Waiting on Wednesday : E4 Kreta Lefka Ori und Lasithi (Der Weg ist das Ziel)

Vanessa has drawn my attention to „Waiting On“ Wednesday. A weekly event started by Breaking the Spine, that spotlights upcoming releases that are eagerly anticipating. Of course I’d like to participate.

Die liebe Vanessa hat mich auf „Waiting On“ Wednesday aufmerksam gemacht. Ein wöchentliches Event, das von Breaking the Spine ins Leben gerufen wurde und in dem Bücher vorgestellt werden, auf die man schon sehnsüchtig wartet. Selbst verständlich möchte ich da auch mitmachen. Weiterlesen

Rules of a lady #1 : Take care about your finances !

With the new year approaching, I decided to take more care about my finances. I always was quite responsible with my money but I think there can be some more improvement here. The first step would be keeping record about my outgoings – and when I say my outgoings I mean ALL my outgoings. Every single chewing gum ! I want to know where my money goes. Weiterlesen

DIY driftwood lamp : part 3

Ok, after preparing the hangers last week, it’s time to fix the chains that will support the ring. The hangers really are quite heavy !! I bought a silver chain at the hardware store and cut it in four pieces that I attached to the upper and lower hocks. How long the several strings have to be depended on the sort of chain … Weiterlesen

DIY driftwood lamp : part 2

Last week  I told you about my new DIY project : a driftwood lamp made out of an IKEA Minnen. After having my driftwood arrived, it was time to make the hangers. At first I needed to punch a hole in the shells. That was kinda tricky for some of the shells were very fragile so some broke. Weiterlesen