Foreign facts : Did you know, that …

… the Japanese say ‚The traffic light is blue‘, instead of green.

Ausländische Fakten : Wusstest Du, dass …
… Japaner sagen ‚Die Ampel ist blau‘, anstelle von grün?


Stick bread to go !

Yesterday was a very special day : Greek Easter, Worker’s Day and my very special Day of the Stick Bread ! I have never been to the boy scouts, so I have very few camp fire experience. Weiterlesen

What I blog about at #MeetTheBloggerDE

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Well that’s easy : I blog about

  • travels, because traveling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.
  • literature, because if you can’t travel, reading books is quite the same.
  • fashion, because during my travels I always wear something. Yes, indeed !
  • other stories, because I have to fill the time between my travels and I don’t want to excludes other aspects of life in my blog.


I … proudly present the #MeetTheBloggerDE Challenge

Today starts #MeetTheBloggerDE, an instagram (and for me, blog) challenge initiated by Anne Häusler of Blog Chicks. It takes the whole month of May and should help all participating bloggers to network on instagram, getting in touch with fellow bloggers and – most of all : have fun ! Sounds like a very good concept to me …
So if you want to learn more things about me, feel free to follow me during the upcoming month here and on instagram.
In my first entry I’d like to introduce myself:

A DortmUnd sUrprise

Tadaa, today I present the fifth page of my DIY calendar: Dortmund ! I didn’t want to include Dortmund in my calendar in the first place, but Nici convinced my to do so nevertheless. So Mrs König, this is for you !

Tadaa, heute präsentiere ich das fünfte Blatt meines DIY Kalenders: Dortmund ! Ich hatte nicht vor, Dortmund in meinen Kalender aufzunehmen. Aber Nici hat mich überredet es doch zu tun. Also Frau König, das ist für Dich !