Let me through, I’m a serious #blogger now!

A few days ago I stumbled across a post on the internet. Wendy van Soest wrote about switching her nice blog from blogspot to wordpress in order to appear more professional and committed. It looked so easy, I decided to try it, too. But Wendy hosted her blog herself, so after downloading the wordpress package, I didn’t now what to do next. Being the Noob that I am, I decided to take a step back and copied an pasted my tumblr posts to blogspot. (If there was an import tool or something like that, I just didn’t find it. As I said, noob!) But blogspot didn’t convince me at all. I am a noob with high claims, you know! After being a blogspotblogger for only 3 days, I copied and pasted my posts here. (There must be an import tool!) My blog isn’t quite finished yet, but nevertheless: I hereby declare my first post on wordpress published!


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