Something cultural… with emperors!

„Where do we go today?“ Polyvios was asking last Sunday. „Hmm, I don’t know. Something cultural, perhaps…“ We searched the internet. And we found something cultural. Here in the Ruhr area it’s all about industrial culture.  Therefore, the Villa Hügel, the former estate of Alfred Krupp von Bohlen und Halbach, founder  of the Krupp steel factory. So Polyvios an I were heading Essen. It is not that far from Dortmund.

The great park was awesome. It was a pity , it was not allowed strolling through. After that great storm at Pentecost, it was still too dangerous.  The main building was under construction, too, but it is impossible hiding a 269-room-house entirely.


The Krupp family did not only live in this manor, they also worked there and invited to many social and economical gatherings. Because of the latter, the rooms had to be representative! They were and they still are! i have to confess, I was deeply impressed. Noble woods, silk tapestry, gobelins… I’d love to live in house like this. Wait, 269 rooms?? I’d have to clean them all…

The stairs:


Hello, I live here! For once in my life, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, I am in the exact right place.


The upper hall:


Part of the library:


Photos of dear friends (so oldschool!):


Yes, Willie was here, too. Just in case, someone does not recognize him: Friedrich Wilhelm Viktor Albert of Prussia, last German emperor and king of  Prussia.

If those walls could talk. So you have to visit the exhibition in the outbuilding. There you can learn something about the krupp factory development during the German history.

A security member told me the family members only used 10 rooms for themselves. The rest were work rooms, staff rooms and meeting rooms. The city of Essen got the opportunity to buy the whole manor for a symbolic euro. But they refused. The maintenance of the house, that is water, electricity, heating, and insurance amounts to 2,6 mil per year, without having the windows cleaned or the grass mowed. Today the Alfried Krupp of Bohlen and Halbach-foundation owns the Manor and they maintain it. Only the gardener is paid from the 5,00€ entrance fee, that is 500.000 € per year. I mustn’t forget to visit the park the next time.


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