The three Ts: Tiny Tangle Teezer

Yes, I did it. I spent € 16,00 for a hairbrush! My internet news feeds were all packed with posts about the Tangle Teezer, a brush that „cares for the hair you wear“. My long hair definitely is in the need for a detangling hairbrush.So I thought, I give it a try. 
I ordered it via amazon and when it arrived last week I never thought it would be so… tiny! I accidentally ordered the compact to-go version and not one of the bigger ones, which I would have preferred.
It’s in daily use now and I am very pleased about it. Brushing your hair really is pain free now, even wet hair! There is no yanking and pulling anymore. But I have to admit, that I do prefer a bigger hairbrush. My brush has the perfect size for traveling, not really for everyday use. Therefore I surely will buy the elite version. Sometimes it is the size that matters actually.


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