Counting days till Greek week: – 14

My next holiday is yet to come, so it’s time for a little countdown. My next stop will be Athens, Capital of Greece and Polyvios‘ hometown. It will be my second visit to Athens and I really like the city. For those of you, who haven’t been there already, I decided to give you some impressions and yes it really is like it’s depicted in this lovely travel advertisement from the 60s. But with much more traffic … and people … and their consequences of course!
I am surprised how the city has changed. I do recognize some buildings and places, for example I was at the Acropolis. But when I was there the city was packed with people (and cars). Not with the Athenians, they are all on holiday during the summer, so they were all tourists. And speak of the traffic: There are so many cars in Athens, that the days you are allowed to drive in the city are restricted: If the last number of your license plate is an even number, you are only allowed to drive into Athens at even days.
Nevertheless it is a beauty.


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