The evolution of smooth stagnates!?

One of the latest internet hypes is the American lip balm EOS. I always asked myself why the Greek godess of dawn Ἠώς was the namesake of a lip balm. Then I found out that EOS is an acronym which stands for EvolutionOfSmooth. That really increased my expectations. But I also have to admit, I wanted to have it because of its nice form in the first place! The sphere is something different apart from all those other lipbalms in that cylindric form or the ones in little pots.
I ordered a package of 5 lip balms via Amazon and it took some time till it arrived from the United States. It was the first time, I ordered something from there and therefore I do feel very cosmopolite right now!
My package contained Summer Fruit, Sweet Mint, Strawberry Sorbet, Passionsfruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew for € 15,00, package already included.
So it wasn’t that expensive. I like the fact that the ingredients are 100% natural and 95% organic. So no chemicals are added. I think, the lack of chemical perfumes are the reason why some blogger on the internet are disappointed with the smell of the lip balm and therefore prefer others, like Baby Lips. Natural strawberry scent can’t be that intense as a chemical scent! I like a more delicate smell on lip balms.
The manufacturer promises soft neat lips for hours and the feel on the lips is pretty nice but not that spectacular as the hype suggests. In my opinion, the eos lip balm is as good as every other lip balm available. So if Eos is the climax in the Evolution of smooth, every other lipbalm is that too, be it Labello, Carmex. Baby Lips or others.


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