Winter is coming… The birds are flying south – and so do I.

Polyvios and I are on vacation finally.  We woke up very early. Polyvios wanted to avoid the morning rush hour and therefore we arrived at Düsseldorf Airport three hours earlier.

I like flying (except the starting and landing sensation) but I also think flying in the earlier days had a more glamorous touch to it. In the 60s it was like: „You are pilot? Wow!“  or „You are stewardess? Wow!“ Flying
stood for glamour, luxury, adventure and things like that.  Now you are stuffed together like fish in a tin can, with your neighbour literally sitting on your lap Even the stewardesses today have problems to get their food trolley through that very narrow corridor. And speaking of food, in the economy class you get your food served in a cardboard box. You do not even get it on a real plate.

Flying must be cheap today and how do you achieve this? With an increasing lack of comfort.  Next time I’ll try business class…


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