Confessions of an English-movie-with-Greek-subtitles-looker

Oh yes, I wasn’t completely honest. I forgot to tell, that after our trip to Piraeus and the souflaki stop I also did some shopping. Polyvios and I were visiting Μοναστηράκι and Πλάκα, when I wanted to pay H&M at Οδός Ερμού a visit. I was looking for a specific pair of slip ons. On our way,  we came across Stradivarius. I do not recall if there are stores in Germany,  that’s why I wanted to get a closer look. What should I say: I bought two tops. One of them I wore yesterday. Perhaps it would have been better, to go in a φαρμακείο to by something against mosquitos.  But Karma stroke back and now my legs are both covered with stitches. (No picture here!)
Perhaps I got some of them yesterday at T.G.I Fridays in Γλυφάδα.  My omniscient travel guide recommended the American Fastfood restaurants which are quite unknown in Germany.


It was ok, but not that special, I dare say.
Now to today: we went to The Mall of Athens in order to watch a movie. Polyvios wanted to see Guardians of the Galaxy and to eat real salty popcorn. He is always teasing me about the sweet German popcorn.  Foreign movies in Greece are mostly shown in the original language with Greek subtitles. So no Greek language knowledge needed.
On the topmost floor were many cafes and restaurants, so many people often go only there for eating. Because of the Greek crisis most of them couldn’t afford going shopping anymore. But the view over Athens is priceless




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