Call me Bowling-Queeny and other first-times

This was one of our last days in Greece. Tomorrow we will spend the whole day with Polyvios‘ parents and the day after tomorrow we will head back.
We had an appointment with Statis, Maria, Giorgos and Michalis around 1 in the afternoon, so we left early for I wanted to go up the Λυκαβηττός, the mountain which towers over Athens. The view is magnificent. You could even spot the Ακρόπολη.

But this wasn’t even the highlight. The highlight was the presence of Papilio machaon, a butterfly which I haven’t  seen in Germany up till now. But it was there and many of his friends. I love them!! It’s a pity they are so rare in Germany these days. I think it is one of the most beautiful butterflies. They show the same colour pattern on both sides of their wings and even on their bodies.

Unfortunately, this lovely little fellows weren’t so keen to stand still. I didn’t got many pictures…
Then it was time to go to the Mall. We wanted to play bowling. I haven’t it played yet so did Maria and we were reasonable well machted. Polyvios was in my team, Maria and Stratis were the other and the little kids got the wildcard.

Don’t ask how, but somehow I won. Playing bowling is really exhausting so we went for a little snack. Polyvios told me that the number 1 fast food in Greece wasn’t Burger King neither McDonald’s but Goody’s. „Its always crowded… “ I was told. So I ate my first Greek fast food… and it was really good.

After our little bowling match Polyvios and I went to the 360°cocktail bar. I saw pictures of it on Instagram and I thought it was the perfect location to celebrate our last days with a cocktail and a caffe freddo.

I was the first time Polyvios paid it a visit. In fact, I hadn’t known of its existence up till then. It is located in Monasteraki, quit expensive the the view of its rooftop quite familiar. I don’t even know now where I have seen this before…

There definitely are worst views, I reckon…


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