Where are the Germans on monday morings at 11 o’clock? Right, in Venlo, doing their shopping!

After traveling is before traveling. So after 2 days after our arrival from Greece, Polyvios and I did some light city traveling today: We went to Venlo, Netherlands. We wanted to go on October, the 3rd, in the first place, but at this day my Mum will have her debut with her dancing group and is expecting us to come and watch. So we decided to go today.
When we got there, we were astonished how many German cars were standing in the underground carpark. It seemed like every German was there today. „Why aren’t they at work?? Are they all on holiday, like us?“ Polyvios was very surprised. The Mall in Athens, for instance, is nearly empty at workdays in the morning. (it’s not allow to post car license numbers on the internet, so no pictures here!)
First, we went to the Maas. Most cities I visited were located at a river, so Venlo is no exception.

I liked the Binnenstad of Venlo very much. So many old houses. We had a little snack at In den dorstigen Haan, a little cafe, with a very nice view.



Most of the shops were closed, but some were still open. Polyvios bought a pair of boots. He hadn’t bought something for himself in Greece. So I think it is only fair, for I bought some stuff in Greece. For me it was only some macarons this time.


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