Atlantis Book Store in Οία

For a postgraduate in Comparative Literature the independent Atlantis bookstore is a Must-go-and-see. This year they are celebrating their 10th anniversary.  When we arrived in Οία I was so eager to visit it, but on our first stroll through the village I couldn’t find it. But when we went out to fetch something we had forgotten in our car, we stumbled over it. Hours ago I walked 2 times past it. Unfortunately the cat you can rent was off duty this night.


You have to climb down steep narrow stairs and than you are in the midst of literature.


The books are piled up until the ceiling, ordered by the languages in which they are written in. You find a section of German books, French books, English books, Greek books…


And if you want a book that is directly below the ceiling? You have to climb up to reach it!


Our night visit of Atlantis books was awesome! Especially because we had it for ourselves alone. No other customer was present. I think the brides were still occupied with their photoshootings. We stayed for half an hour and only got a glimpse of all the books present. On our way back happen to stumble over the cat. We couldn’t rent it of course, it’s work was over – but we could at least take some pictures of it!



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