Kissing Fish in Οία

Today I will tell you everything about my Οία Spa experience: “Kissing Fish“ I saw similar of these Beauty Spas in Athens last year, but didn’t get a treatment.


During this treatment you put your feet in a small basin ans Garra Rufa, small fish without teeth remove the dead skin cells of your feet, which is supposed to be very relaxing.
I already knew that here in Germany those little fish and their treatment are part of medical procedures. Patients of atopic dermatitis or psoriasis get similar treatments here. So I knew that this treatment was already ‘known’ and kind of ‘approved’. But relaxing1? Medical tratment are seldom relaxing.
I was very curious about it and thought ‘why not have a go’? After spending the morning at the Red Beach I went to the Spa and was greeted by friendly atmosphere and nice staff.




I was asked, if I had applied any sun lotion an by legs and feet (which I had) but after I said, that I already had a shower, it was ok. I had to wet my feet and legs and then put some paper slippers on. Then I could take a seat. The staff member examined my legs. I had some mosquito bites which had to be covered. I asked her why this was supposed to be. (I am quite sure that patients with psoriasis do not cover their skin.) I was told that I could feel uncomfortable with the fish at those mosquito bites. Without the slippers I was told to lower my feet slowly into the basin.



I had a 20 minutes treatment (20,00€) but I think, the little fish didn’t have much to do at my feet. Especially after walking at the red beach with its little stones. Nevertheless I felt the tickling sensation. It is tickling all over the feet like you are standing on a power plate. It is very hard to explain. For the American woman next to me, the sensation was quite overwhelming: “Oh God!! I love it, oh I love it. This is sooo gooood. Oh my God!! I want this… Oh more!” To me it was a nice experience event it was not that … extatic!
Your skin feels very smooth afterwards and you are feeling relaxed, but I think, a normal exfoliation and a massaging footbath will give the same results. If you want to give your self a special treat, it is a good method to do so, anyway. Don’t misunderstand me, I had lots of fun! But not as part of ones ‘beauty routine’.



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