Lets have a cup of pour-coffee

Today Polyvios, my mother and I went to the medieval market in the city of Dortmund. Since the 12th century Dortmund is a member of the Hanseatic League and this old membership is celebrated each year with a fair and market.
It was very croweded today for it was a very warm November day and even the shop were open. Thus we couldn’t took a proper look at the single market stalls where old craftsmanships were displayed.
We had a rest at little coffee stall run by Pour-Coffee where the single cups were brewed by hand with boiling water, something my Mum very appreciated. She is a heavy coffee drinker whereas I only drink Latte Macchiato with caramel sirup once a while and I dare say you cannot call this coffee at all.

The coffee-to-go was quite expensive (2,50€ per cup) but as I said, it was brewed by hand, fair traded and bio and she could choose out of several sorts of coffee (Ethiopian, Indian, Brazilian, Costa Rican). She and Polyvios both had a Costa Rican coffee-to-go which was supposed to be very strong – so it was – but very tasty. I also bought a package of Indian coffee beans for my Mum. I like the fact that this coffee is fair traded. It means the coffee farmer get a fair price for their products and thus the opportunity to maintain their families. If someone does the hard work, they should be paid properly. If my Mum likes it, I think about buying her coffee there regularly.

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