Before: I’ll improve my skin in 5 minutes…

After work I treated myself with a 5-minutes-improvement by Kiehl’s in our local department store to celebrate my 2nd birthday. I love Kiehl’s since my stay in Glasgow 8 years ago. After a long odyssey for an appropriate skincare for me, I came across this brand at a Glaswegian Mall and I loved it after the first day, I used them. A pity I didn’t have the Kiehl’s money the years that followed.
I always thought having a mixed skin but after a moisturise-test the friendly staff member told me my skin would be (mixed) dry. My cheeks are dryer than my forehead. So she recommended the Ultra Facial Cleanser and Toner and the Midnight Recovery Concentrate. Only 4 drops of the latter would be sufficient to moisturise my skin. I must say I am impressed that this product got a 1,0 from Stiftung Warentest last year. Now I am very curious to test it.
The staff member also recommended the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Cream as day care. Well I don’t have that much wrinkles, but perhaps this product will prevent them and I stay nearly wrinkle free the next years.
Unfortunately, these products are quite expensive, so i didn’t buy them fullsize yesterday. I want to test them before I pay that much. I don’t think they will irritate my skin in any way (or I hope so), but my skin is so sensitive. I don’t want to risk paying a lot of money on products only to throw them away after using them just for a few days.
Let’s see how they work…


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