H&M vs TheBodyShop/Rituals

A few months ago, after I smashed my whole stock of make up and had to replace it with H&M make up due to a very limited budget, I decided it would be time to invest some money in a set of brushes, too. Until then I only used the applicators which are sold with the eyeshadows. So I also bought them at the H&M online shop. Some colleagues of mine were over the moon about them. But I have to admit, they are very disappointing.
The months after I bought them, I went on searching for better substitutes and I found them at TheBodyShop and Rituals.
The brushes from H&M are very cheap, they range from 2,99 € (the blush brush and the 2 eyeshadow brushes) up to 5,95€ (the kabuki brush and my all time low!). If you buy on such a limited budget, you just have to compromise. The brushes are all animal friendly, but the hair is of a very rough quality. It is quite hard and does not take on the colour satisfyingly. The next thing which annoyed me immensely: The brushes also tend to loose their hair. The kabuki brush up to ten each day! After applying my powder I had to pluck them from my face and yes, I was counting them… My Mum used to be a professional make up artist and she told me this would be a no go when dealing with brushes.
First I thought about buying MAC brushes but they are out of my budget and I also have admit I am not ready to pay 53,00€ on a kabuki brush just because it is made of goat hair. And up till now I haven’t found a substitute kabuki brush. (That’s why it is not on the picture.)
Then I tried some of the Bodyshop brushes. They are also more expensive than the ones from H&M but I got them with some discount: 3 brushes with 30% off. Good deal! Unfortunately, even TheBodyShop does not have satisfyingly kabuki brush, no angled blush brush and no round pointed eye shadow blush. Those I found at Rituals.
My new brushes are more expensive, yes, they range from 8,00€ (TheBodyShop) up to 19,50€ (Rituals) but they are worth their money. The hair is of a much finer quality. It is animal friendly, the hair very soft and it applies the colour very well. And until now, I haven’t pluck a single hair of my face again!
If you are on a very low budget, H&M can be a good option for buying brushes but I don’t believe you will use them very long. The quality isn’t that good. It is much better to invest a little more money, I think.

Brushes I bought
H&M: little blush brush, 2 in 1 eyeshadow brush, 2 in 1 foundation and powder brush, angled eyeshadow brush, kabuki brush, angled blush brush which is not available online at the moment
TheBodyShop: Extra Virgin Minerals Powder Foundation brush, eyeshadow blender brush, blush brush, foundation brush, angled eyeshadow brush (not on the German online shop, I bought it in the store)
Rituals: angled blush brush, eyeshadow brush

If anyone knows where I can get a animal friendly reasonable priced kabuki brush, feel free to share…


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