From World War II with love…

Diese 1800-Kilo-Luftmine sorgte im November 2013 in Hombruch für die bisher größte Evakuierung der Dortmunder Nachkriegsgeschichte. Nun wurde eine Luftmine des selben Bautyps in Hörde gefunden.
Archivfoto: Peter Bandermann

During World War II the Ruhr area, and thus Dortmund, was showered with aviator bombs. The city of Dortmund was nearly completely destroyed. But however not all of these bombs detonated. Even today, 65 years after the war some of these dud shots could be still found, like little greetings of the horrible war.
As the Ruhrnachrichten reported earlier this day, a British 1,8tons air mine containing 1,5tons TNT was found today on the area of the pump manufacturer WILO in Dortmund Hörde at the Nordkirchenstrasse. It is still locked (and hopefully quite save!) and therefore will be defused not before Sunday. The Zoo, the Rombergpark and the Westfalenpark will stay closed that day. The refugees home in Hacheney must be cleared, so the Bethanien hospital. Nearly 17.000 people will have to leave their homes at Sunday until 9 o’clock. The whole area will be evacuated in a radius of 1,5km. And I will be one of them … and my mum … and my sister … My whole family!


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