This little bomb of mine, I don’t gonna let it shine! #dobombe

Today is the 1st Advent Sunday and all people of Dortmund Hörde are hoping that some light won’t gonna shine. Since 9o’clock in the morning, the center of Hörde is being evacuated due to the 1,8ton British aviator bomb that was found on the 26th of November.

My Mum and I left the suburb half an hour earlier. Now we are sitting in my mothers bureau the bomb defusing live ticker always in sight.
[10:46] Next to the dud shot 3 additional phosphor bombs were found and defused.
[11:11] Police helicopter on duty.
[11:34] My German is MUCH MUCH better than that of Gaby Kolle, RuhrNachrichten reporter and vize editorial manager!!! Perhaps I should choose RuhrNachrichten vize editorial manager as a suitable career… Liebe Frau Kolle, wenn man nicht wAIss, wie man GlAIs schrAIbt, sollte man es blAIben lassen!
[11:59] Bomb humour in our evacuation shelter.
[12:18] Once the traffic has been interrupted, the defusing can be started.
[12:47] The B54 is closed. The west of Hörde is cleared. The WILO area is now under the charge of the bomb squat.
[13:13] All four sectors of Hörde are cleared!
[13:42] Defusion started!
[14:41] My special thanks goes to Karl-Friedrich Schröder and Rainer Woitschek for their brave mission and dedicated work by defusing the bomb!!
[14:56] I can go home now…



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