Those were the days…

Do you remember your schooldays? Playing hopscotch in the yard between lessons? Eating your lunch? Or, some years later, scribbling down your homework and chatting with your friends about your latest crush? Those were the days…

What do you mean: no big deal? Children have to do to school so break between lessons were inevitable?
Yes, your are right, we have the duty to go to school here in Germany. But think of it, we also have the right to go to school! Nobody can take that away from us!,
But unfortunately, not all people in the world share those lucky school memories. Some of them remember school like that


If they could go to school, they had to spent their breaks alone because of the lack of fellow school kids. (If they had a break, of course!)
There are people who remember school more like this:

They couldn’t go to school in the first place and thus were the missing comrades.
And what about if there wasn’t a school at all?
The Italian fashion brand DOLOMITE wants to change that. They want to enable children to acquire those lucky memories and brought the charity project: EDUCATION IS A RIGHT! into life. They designed a special t-shirt and will be donating 50,00€ to a school project in Rangdum/ Himalaya for each selfie uploaded on Instagram, facebook or tumblr, at which bloggers are wearing this shirt.


Is there already someone who wants to get the shirt after me?
Oh, yes, my instagram selfie is still missing!

Here it is!!

This post was published in collaboration with Dolomite and Frank Berndt Consulting.


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