Everything for Verena Fiona and Mboula – for free!

Nowadays everyone seems to have only one motto: Shop till you drop! People do not buy only things they really need, but buy just for the sake of buying. It feels like they have no other hobbies anymore or other purpose in life: I shop, therefore I am. Things not needed or simply not wanted anymore are thrown away, to buy new things, they don’t need. Luckily, there are some people, who don’t want to participate in this sort of lifestyle. People who try to buy only things they really need and, if there are things which they have no use for, do not throw them away. They give them away – for free!
You can find some of those people in Dortmund, too.


Namely once month in the pub Nordpol, Münsterstrasse 99. At the last Tuesday of each month it turns into a free shop where everybody can bring some things in exchange for others. But it is not obligatory! You don’t have to pay for anything according to their slogan: „Everything for everybody – for free!“
Simply a must-go for me and my work’n’blogger collegue Mboula: Londonparismailandbla (me) are Stilvolle Verkleidung (Mboula) for sustainability! We didn’t expect so many offerings: take-away clothes, books, household goods and even food to-go. The vegan and homemade banana bread was simply delicious!


After having a little snack we had a closer look at all the goods.



I have to admit, Mboula had more luck than me finding something.


I found 2 nice jeans and 1 t-shirt and I am eager to post pictures of them, but I didn’t find the time yet like Mboula. Her great outfitpost can be found here.
Unfortunately neither Mboula nor I had something in exchange with us. But we will definitely come again and bring something along.


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