„First years over here! First years!!“ My 1st day at the Blogging University

Hello out there! This is my first day at the WordPress Blogging University! https://i0.wp.com/photos-f.ak.instagram.com/hphotos-ak-xaf1/t51.2885-15/10894995_696474160470349_1110980432_n.jpg

I’m not a total newbie strictly speaking but nevertheless I want to improve my blogging and writing skills. The WordPress Blogging University is a good place to start. And to do so I have to complete the daily tasks which are set to me. Ok, then. The first task is to Introduce myself. I did so already in my about section, but I will extend it here.

My name is Verena Fiona. I’m full time post-graduate, part time sales advices at my local H&M store and since June 2013 hobbyblogger. I know the depths of the internet are full of blogs – full of lifestyleblogs, cookingblogs, literatureblogs, gamingblogs, musicblogs, makeupblogs, travelblogs and the of course fashionblogs. So why the f*** should anyone add a new? The answer is simple: Why not? One more would do no harm. I am writing this blog just for me out of the joy of writing – and perhaps for some of you out there.

Now you could ask, why I’m blogging in the first place? The answer is simple – and a little unusual: Because a lifestyle magazine told me so! In June 2013 I read in the German Glamour about some ways to increase the anticipation of a holiday.  One of these ways was said to be writing a blog about the preparations. So I started my tumblr, about of my and my boyfriends first travel to Athens. This blog still exists, by the way, and there I post my travel memories also in German.

My blog is supposed to be mainly about travels. But although I do have many dream destinations, I unfortunately have only 30 vacation days each year. Too few! So I’m trying to fill the gaps with other content. I studied literature and now I am writing my Ph.D. thesis about Greek literature, so I will try to post something about literature and  I work for H&M so fashion is also nice topic

Last year, one of my Instagram friends, Wendy van Soest wrote about switching her nice blog from blogspot to wordpress in order to appear more professional and committed. It looked so easy, I decided to try it, too. But Wendy hosted her blog herself, so after downloading the wordpress package, I didn’t now what to do next. Being the newbie that I was that time, I decided to take a step back and copied an pasted my tumblr posts to blogspot. (If there was an import tool or something like that, I just didn’t find it.) But blogspot didn’t convince me at all. I was a newbie with high claims, you know! After being a blogspotblogger for only 3 days, I copied and pasted my posts here.

Oh, my Goodness, that is seriously a long post now. I think I will copy that one in my about section , too. =)


4 Gedanken zu “„First years over here! First years!!“ My 1st day at the Blogging University

  1. My go to store is H&M, that’s very cool that you work there! Unfortunately, there is no H&M within a decent distance of me, but I’ve always wanted to work for there. I can’t wait to read more of your posts!

    Gefällt mir

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