„You already created your about page? What a nerd!!“ My 8th day at the Blogging University

It’s the start of my second week at the Blogging University and I’m already the course nerd! Today’s task is to create a about page and fix it on your homepage. What can I say? I already did this ages and ages ago! In fact, I also updated the content of my about page, after fulfilling the very first assignment: I expanded the text and uploaded a picture of myself. Even the contact form was already there. So no work to do for me today! Hell yeah!

[Edit: As the lovely Sue pointed out we we also supposed to add an about.me widget to our homepage. Well I refuse to do that, it can’t be necessary to create 147863589 new accounts on different pages only to blog here properly.
P.S.: Sues Dogginator is adorable!]


6 Gedanken zu “„You already created your about page? What a nerd!!“ My 8th day at the Blogging University

  1. I have an About page too, but I noticed that the task mentioned widgets, so I added an about.me widget. This means there’s a photo of me now, which I wasn’t sure about but this project is all about being brave, isn’t it?

    Gefällt mir

  2. I’ve done my about page but I think it is a little TMI and off putting lol… so I am thinking about redoing it altogether. I laughed at your self-talk „what a nerd!“ I say that to myself all the time! Or worse 😉

    Gefällt mir

  3. Well my German is non existent but this looks like the space for comments – what a swat 😄😄😄 you are doing really fantastic stuff, thanks. Now I don’t know which radio button to check, over to google translate!!! Keep up the good work.

    Gefällt mir

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