„Be a good neighbour… and follow their lead!“ My 10th day at the Blogging University!

Today’s task is again about socialising with my fellow students. Commenting on others blogs. Well, in our book club Arianna told us about an other nice assignment by Daily Post:“ Open your nearest book to page 82. Take the third full sentence on the page, and work it  into a post somehow.“ My next book is one of these books on which I am currently working on my h D thesis.

„Die Klingelanlage ist in Katerinas Zimmer untergebracht, da für eine Rechtsanwältin eine Unterbrechung weniger störend ist als für eine Psychologin.“

It is a German translation of Petros Markaris: Ψωμί, παιδεία, ελευθερία.( Abrechnung in German, Bread, Education, Liberty in English)


In my PhD thesis I examine the image of Athens Markaris conveys in his books. I find it very interesting to work on Greek authors and literature, because we didn’t touch any Greek authors (except the very few classics) during studies. Its a blank page to me.

I also not only commented but actually reblogged one post of my fellow Erasmus Club member, perelincolors. Visiting Barcelona is on point of my bucket list and I can’t wait to see the Sagrada familia.


6 Gedanken zu “„Be a good neighbour… and follow their lead!“ My 10th day at the Blogging University!

  1. I certainly wish you all the best with your doctorate studies.

    I also commend you and your peers for going through with that book challenge. Were I to pick that up, the sentence would be:
    „The second line referred to the fact that Bee Hsun, in taking Mrs. Djou as wife, had himself brought on this misfortune, and the third line implied that it was Mrs. Djou who had planned the killing of her husband.“

    Yeeeeep. The book is Dee Goong An (Celebrated Cases of Judge Dee), which recounts a magistrate in ancient China going about his official duties one of which is investigating crimes in his jurisdiction.

    Gefällt mir

  2. Hello, I am as well doing the Blogging University, but had to skip some days due to the finalization of my PhD. Being back now, I wanted to comment on your post, which I really liked! I did not completely understood, what you mean with the following sentence: „the image of Athens Markaris conveys in his books“. What/who is Athens Markaris – maybe it would help, if you would add a very short explanation on this …? But generally I really like the way you write and express your ideas. And by the way – I saw Sagrada famiglia last year (just before my final exams for the PhD), it is absolutely gorgeous!

    Gefällt mir

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