GANT – more than polo-shirts!

Sunday I had the honour of visiting the GANT showroom presentation of the upcoming A/W collection 15/16. After participating in the DOLOMITE for Rangdum charity projekt, Juliane Melardi, working for Frank Berndt Consulting, very kindly invited me to the CPD Dusseldorf. I coulnd’t believe my eyes when I found her mail in my inbox. Just after a few months blogging on wordpress, I got an invitation.


First I knew GANT as a luxury fashion brand launched in America 1949, which is famous for its „button-down-shirt“, shirts which have a collar fastened down by buttons.  Later during my work for H&M I also learned, that it became the second largest shirt maker in the world  and after being that big success in the US, the company was sold to the Swedish company Pyramid Sportswear in order to enter the European market. Now it is owned by a Swiss holding company and being a full concept brand it offers a wide range of products, like clothing for men, women, boys, girls and babies, home, time, fragrance, footwear, underwear and eyewear.

So far the theory, so good!

Being an American brand I expected very preppy and casual clothing: polo-shirts, chinos, checked shirts, v-neck jumper, all in all very ‚L.O.G.G.‘ like: casual and slightly rough. (I have to apologize for thinking in H&M categories. It’s a habit of mine since I work there which helps me classifying the different styles.)

How wrong I was! Oh yes, I came across button-downs, checked shirt, polos and chinos. But I also found very delicate blouses, made of soft fabric, feminine dresses and fine lambs wool scarfs. Very far from rough and casual but classy!

My absolute outfit-of-the-day was a cognac colored leather skirt (how buttersoft!) with a matching poncho. I am on the lookout for such an lovely coloured outfit for ages! It’s an outfit which is more ‚Everday‘, a style which I prefer.

Another big surprise was the GANT home collection. As I said already, I knew GANT is a full concept lifestyle brand and thus it offers a home collection, but I wasn’t prepared for these thick, soft and cozy pillows, blankets and quilts. I just wanted to jump on this couch below. But I didn’t thought it appropriate on my first outing in the world of fashion!

My special thanks goes to Juliane Melardi, Antje Haessler and Kathrin Pfennig at Frank Berndt Consulting for the invitation and taking care of me. You made my day!


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