Great News from DOLOMITE

Some weeks ago I participated in the DOLOMITE for Rangdum charity project (take a look at my entry here!). The Italian fashion brand DOLOMITE wanted to change that. They want to enable children to acquire those lucky memories and brought the charity project: EDUCATION IS A RIGHT! into life. They designed a special t-shirt and donated 50,00€ to a school project in Rangdum/ Himalaya for each selfie uploaded on Instagram, facebook or tumblr, at which bloggers are wearing this shirt.

In this charity project incredible 4100,00€ have now got together. An awesome result but DOLOMITE even want more! In order to increase the amount of money they are going to auction the charity T-Shirts by Tuesday, 16/02/15 until Thursday, 18.02.15 on their facebook fan page.
Thus now, not only bloggers can help DOLOMITE but you too! So make sure to participate in this auction and enable Children to attend school!


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