Ish bin ein Bearleener – Day 1

After a very good breakfast (kudos to our hotel for that!) I wanted to go to the Ku’damm to visit & other stories, one of the many brands in the H&M family. There I intended to buy a plain white shirt. I haven’t a single one, two blue ones but no white. On our way we passed the KaDeWe. We went inside and outside again. I don’t like so big malls or department stores.  I liked the Kaiser-Wilhelm-Memorial -Church better!

IMG_1391 IMG_1394
I bought my shirt and Polyvios and I headed straight to Checkpoint Charlie. My Marco Polo Travelguide recommended a Citystroll  along the former Wall, which divided Western and Eastern Berlin. It began at Checkpoint Charlie, past the Topography of Terror, across the Potsdamer Platz to the Memorial to the murdered Jews of Europe and the  Brandenburg Gate.

We also wanted to visit the Dome of the German Bundestag but we hadn’t booked a date beforehand. So Polyvios made the reservation via internet in order to visit it later that day. To pass the time we went to the Berlin Victory Column.

At 19:30 we were allowed to visit the German Bundestag!


5 Gedanken zu “Ish bin ein Bearleener – Day 1

  1. Hope you enjoy your time in Berlin!
    On the top of the 25hours Hotel in the Monkey Bar(10th Floor) you have a nice view over the Berlin Zoo and you can enjoy a great coffee.
    xoxo Nora

    Gefällt mir

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