Ish bin ein Bearleener – Day 2

Yesterday was kind of history day, today ‚Art‘ is the topic! First I wanted to pay the Gallery Lafayette a visit. Not to buy something, but this days topic of my Photo 101 Course was ‚Monochrome architecture‘ and I thought the dome of the Gallery would be a good motive.

wpid-img_20150317_111129.jpgBut of course, being in Gallery Lafayette was very tempting. I stumbled across the shoes of my dreams: black Valentino Rock Stud Kitten Heels! So near and yet so far… If someone has a spare pair…
Later we wanted to visit the Dome of Berlin, the protestant Dome of Cologne! What a building! IMG_1741
We attended the 12 o’clock prayer and stayed for a free guide. We learned that it was a baroque building, how that structure mirrored the baroque world view and many interesting things about the reformation of the catholic beliefs. When we wanted to leave we were asked for our tickets. As it turned out, this ‚free‘ guide was only for those who payed the 7,00€ for the Dome tour! Even the Dome of Cologne can be visited without paying for it. You only have to pay when you want to ascend the tower! An entrance fee for a protestant church, Martin Luther would be so proud!

After a little snack Polyvios and I went to the East Side Gallery. On our way we passed some socialistic block houses of which Polyvios was very fond of. They reminded him of his time in Bulgaria where he studied Medicine.

My personal highlight was the East Side Gallery by far! The biggest Open-Air-Art-Gallery of the world. It is a shame that people have smeared bloody crap on the pictures.


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