Writing 101: To unlock my travel blogging mind… and publish it!

Ok my next Blogging University course Writing 101 starts today writing something about 20 minutes and publish it like a stream of consciousness in James Joyce Ulysses it’s 15:13 now that means I have to write until 15:33 or perhaps 15:32 but what should I write about in my travel blog while not traveling which I do only 4 times a year if I’m lucky it is hard enough to write without punctuation to indicate my stream of thoughts but above and beyond that trying to write about traveling is even harder I read in a blogging guideline that a blogger has to choose a topic and then stick to it that would mean a fashion blogger should only write about fashion and a travel blogger should write about traveling which seems to be very simple but a blogger should also write at least 3 posts a week in order to keep his or her blog running which would mean I should write 3 posts a week about my travels which come up 4 times a year as I already stated my last travel was a couple of weeks ago when I traveled with Polyvios to Berlin and my next will be in a some weeks time my mother and I want to go hiking with our husky Shiloh on the island Rügen in the Baltic Sea so what should I write about that the next weeks I just have to write about something else too but what would that be I thought about writing about literature as a graduate in comparative literature this seems natural to me and it is I want to do something related to the subject I studied the next topic could be fashion as a H&M sales adviser style and fashion are also great topics in my life but during the last years it grew bigger then my literature topic with which I am not that happy anymore I didn’t study literature to end folding jumpers in order to change that my priorities have to be adjusted my blog is over my travels in the first place and I want to write more about the awesome books out there and there are plenty of them fashion should also be covered but not that much so I think I should try to write 3 posts a week about travels 2 about literature and 1 about fashion this would be the ranking I would prefer but that would mean writing nearly each day and I don’t know if I have the time and inspiration hey its 15:33 I can end now


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