Travel fashion inspiration for my trip to Rügen

I just realise that I really need to go shopping for my hiking trip to Rügen with my mother. Neither my mother nor I have the adequate clothing to go hiking. That means we have to buy decent shoes for instance. You just can’t go for long walks in sandals. Although I just heard about tourists that even go climbing (!) in flip-flops! And going shopping for hiking shoes is something completely different then shopping fashion items. When you shop fashion it is simply about looks. While working at H&M I got the impression that functionality and even more quality aren’t in the focus that much. In outdoor fashion this HAS to be the other way round. Hiking shoes have to be high-quality and functional otherwise the feet will be covered with blisters. In this case the looks of the shoes play a minor role but I would like my shoes good looking too! I also need an outdoor jacket and a backpack. Both must be light, water and – in case of the jacket – windproof! So I’m thinking to look for hiking clothes just like those of Dolomite. As a total newbie in hiking I have to rely on the opinion of my trekking loving friends. Dolomite has a very good reputation amongst them and I like the colours of their outdoor shoes which also don’t look that bulky!

(Photo taken from the German Dolomite Facebook page. All rights stay with them!)


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