Writing 101: My favourite 3 books

As a graduate in Literature it’s very difficult to me to narrow my favourite books down to three. Since 5th grade I’m in love with Shakespeare’s plays: Othello, Macbeth, Hamlet, King Lear, Julius Cesar! I didn’t like Romeo and Juliet though, way too kitschy! When I grew older I read Edgar Allan Poe and Oscar Wilde. Poe’s tension and Wilde’s wit made my days. But none of these authors wrote my favourite three.

My number 1.0 is Peter S. Beagles The Last Unicorn! How I love this book. As a little girl I truly believed in unicorns. I knew they were out there waiting for me and I waited for them just as Molly Grue did. And I loved Amalthea for her grace and beauty. I always wanted to look like her, be like her!

My number 1.2 is an all time fantasy classic: J. R. R. Tolkin’s Lord of the Rings! I am a big fan of big fantasy epics! And just as in The Last Unicorn full of magic and graceful elves! Galadriel was one of my favourite. Even when Tolkin was very parsimonious with female characters. The descriptions of the settings in Middle Earth are a little tiresome, but nevertheless the story is awesome!

Favourite book number 1.3 is not a single book. Its a series, also a big fantasy epic like Lord Of the Rings with very strong characters but with, in my opinion, less magic, more intrigues, more sex and even more deaths: George R. R. Martins A Song of Ice and Fire.  An epic with countless awesome characters like Arya Stark, Deanerys Targaryen and the one and only Tyrion Lannister! I can’t wait for their stories to continue. And I do hope those three will survive!


Ein Gedanke zu “Writing 101: My favourite 3 books

  1. Fully with you on the Tolkien – I haven’t read the others. And Shakespeare, yes – well, a class of his own, really. Though R&J was one of his earlier works – still mastering the art, I guess!

    Gefällt mir

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