My favourite bags under Juniors eyes

Every blogger seems to have her or his personal ‚favourite five‘: a ranking in which the must-haves of a special category are presented. And I must not be an exception. That’s why I going to tell you something about my favourite five bags. In my opinion the absolutely must-haves when it comes to bags, if you have those, you’ll never need any others. I tend to buy leather bags which are more expensive but long lasting and in classic colours, black, cognac and brown.

The Shopper

I got this one from H&M. With more space than a normal tote, even my notebook and university documents fit in it.

The Tote

My every-day-bag. Everything I need fits in it: Purse, mobile, calendar, keys, make-up bag, lip balm, brush and a good book! This one is a pre-loved bag from Liebeskind Berlin.

The Bucket bag

The only bag I regularly use that is not out of leather and in a bright colour. I bought this one at Accessorize because of its lovely turquoise colour. During summer I combine this bag with my hippie dresses.

The Clutch

My fossil party bag par excellence which fits to dresses as well as to festive jumpsuits.

The Mini bag

Most of the time women tend to carry way to much unnecessary things with them. When you want to downsize your bag, this one is your choice. This one I found at H&M.


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