I should! Shouldn’t I? – Something about self doubts

5 days ago Anja from Travel on toast wrote a post I am since then constantly thinking about. Her travel blog is one of the most famous travel blogs here in Germany – if not THE most famous, and she is looking for co-authors. Anja has a full time job and therefore has to face the same problem as I do. To post regularly about her travels. So she has a group of authors who travel for her when she is busy. They write about their experiences and Anja puts these articles an her blog. Now she wants to enlarge her team. My blog is supposed about travels in the first place, although Polyvios told me I should (also) focus more on literature and criticism. Being part of a writing team of such a great blog would be a great opportunity. I’d like to apply but I am so unsure about it. It would be great to join her team. I could travel more, see more, experience more, gain journalistic experiences and would improve my writing skills: the more you write, the better you will become! But there is my problem: I am quite new at blogging. Am I already good enough? Are my photos good enough? My articles good enough? Do I have a chance? I only have 6 weeks vacation per year. Will that be enough? Whenever I decided to send my application these questions were buzzing around my mind – and I didn’t sent it. She wrote she already got about 50 applications. The competition is so huge. I can apply until the 30th of April and I haven’t decided if I should apply…


7 Gedanken zu “I should! Shouldn’t I? – Something about self doubts

  1. Dein Archiv gibt doch schon ne ganze Menge her, ich würde es probieren. Warum nicht, sonst würdest du es am Ende nur bereuen. Selbst wenn es nicht klappt, ergeben sich eventuell andere Möglichkeiten. Probiere es auf jeden Fall!


    Gefällt mir

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