My flea market findings: something new (for me), something used and something blue.

Today was a fleamarket in the Westfalenpark in Dortmund. My mother and I didn’t want to go there at first for it was quite grey and it looked like it was going to rain, but then we took a umbrella and off we were. Both of us had some things in mind that we wanted to look for: my mother a black leather vintage bag (she found 2!) and I wanted to buy jeans and a denim jacket.
I can’t stand those (expensive) stretch pants they call jeans today. Jeans have to be 100% strong cotton. The last jeans I bought were H&Ms shaping denims. They are very comfortable, but I wouldn’t call them jeans. They are more leggins or perhaps jeggins to me. So I deciced to replace my so called skinny jeans, with denims form authentic brands: Levi’s, Diesel, Pepe or Mustang.

Well I didn’t find  skinny jeans but a pair Levi’s 501 for 10 €. Like Levi Strauss wanted them to be: non expensive robust working clothes. But this wasn’t my only Levi’s finding: later I stumbled across a linen denim jacket, more for the colder months with its fur cuffs and collar. And that for 14 €

A very successful flea market day!


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