Yesterday and yesternight

Yesterday was a great day, that was! I spent nearly the entire afternoon at the great #Bloggergettogether from Macao. After being established at the Brückstrasse for 20 years, Alex decided to introduce her boutique to the digital world. So she started with Pia a Blog: Pure life by Macao, a blog not only about fashion but also about all the interesting details around, from ordering up to showroom presentations. The relaunch of their blog was celebrated yesterday together with the help of some well-known bloggers and their customers. And in the midst of all that: with me!

Of course I knew Macao: at the mouth of the Brückstrasse it marked for many years the beginning of a nice shopping day. Unfortunately that, once a nice place to be, the Brückstrasse has been fled with low budget fashion stores, but Macao was not displaced. Alex could not only maintain her regular customers, she even expanded. Now she has a shop in the city center of Dortmund but also in Hombruch where her customers needs  lie to her heart.
I arrived very early so I got the opportunity to had a lovely conversation with Alex, Pia and the other staff members. They told me about their story and their goals for the future.

After some time the other bloggers arrived too and the party started: Alex and Pia had some surprises up their sleeves: the great true fruit smoothies en masse, flash tattoos (I felt like a kid with those old bazooka bubble gum tattoos!) and a hair treatment by Annette of Kopfsalat Dortmund! I got my Victoria Secret waves, of course they suited me since we share the initials…
It was very inspiring to get to know all these lovely girls: Jenny, Mira, Elisa, Jenny, Caro, Mareike and Andrea. As it turned out, all these old hares at blogging face the same problems as I do: having a main job they experience posting difficulties, feel the pressure and need of posting regularly, spending their free Sundays taking pictures. I even felt a bit lucky, as my boyfriend loves to take the pictures. ; )
I want to thank again the Macao team for having me and the other bloggers to share their experiences with me and encouraged me to
blog on! A peace to you, girls.

After this great day, I went out with a dear friend collegue of mine, Mboula. We had very good drinks at the CU Bar, shared lively conversations and danced the night away at the iRoom. A strange place, in my opinios: half naked women desperately trying to impress men who are not there while wiggling in heels, so high, they impossibly could dance in. Nevertheless we had a great time and the best of ti: no camera, so selfies, we were absolutely offline. Therefore, only a picture of me after I came home: decent girls come home in bright day light! And with they hair in a ponytail and wearing glasses…


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