London, Paris, Milan, blah,… a Jetset Academic?

I got a a really inspiring comment by Kaya P. von Gerr. She already finished her PhD and is currently blogging about the Jetset Academics she met up til now. She asked me it if we couldn’t think about some blogging PhD ladies collaboration event/project which I think is a wonderful idea. Blogging is about getting in touch with others, readers and fellow bloggers. We can benefit from each other and networking is becoming more and more important not only in working life. I also like the notion of a Jetset Academic for it combines all my blogging aspects: Traveling (The jetset is traveling a lot. London! Paris!  Milan! and I am trying to do that too), literature (I am going to be an Academic in (Greek) Literature, so I’m blogging about it) and fashion (The jetset is supposed to be VERY stylish and I always considered being well dressed as a form of good manners.) To cut a long story short: I cannot help being struck by Kaya’s suggestion. I don’t know how we will set this into action, but I’m sure it will be great!


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