„Social“ media, eh!?

That is the ugly truth!

Das ist die hässliche Wahrheit!

Losing Screws

This week’s project is a video by the lovely Em, host of My Pale Skin Youtube channel. Em posts makeup tutorials and videos to help boost her confidence and hone in on her makeup skills. Many of Ems videos contain before and after shots that show her 100k+ followers how to apply makeup as a tool to help hide blemishes or scars. They love her. She gives people back their ability to see themselves as beautiful – even if they choose not to use makeup.

My Pale Skin is truly helping people find confidence and self-worth. Em is sometimes conversely judged for loving her craft. Harshly and quite publicly, I might add! Recently, Em posted a response that I REALLY hope you will watch. This is one of most heartbreaking things I have seen. It is also the bravest thing. This may sad but this is also Em’s mike drop…

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