My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : liquid free toiletry bag

One of the most famous travel quotes is by Susan Heller :

„When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.“

I always followed this advise even without knowing it – when it comes to the clothes ! When Polyvios and I traveled to Greece the first time I stuffed all my clothes in a small cabin trolley. But I knew my toiletry must not stay in it. So Polyvios had it in his luggage. I didn’t like this solution. So I looked for alternative cosmetics. Something that wasn’t liquid… Weiterlesen


My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : mobile phone and USB stick

Oh boy, it’s already my fourth week of my little blog post series. I already covered my power bank, my passport and my new suitcases. I am doing pretty well ! Today I will tell you something I acquired very recently : my new mobile phone and my new USB stick ! Weiterlesen

Reorganisation of my ‚Booktrotter‘ section

I am blogging on WordPress two years now and I feel it is time to change a few things. I am still thinking about a suitable logo, but that’s is a different story. Weiterlesen

My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : suitcases

Hi there, today I present you something I got as a present for my last birthday and a must have when it comes to traveling : suitcases !


My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : a passport 

Mein erster Reisepass mit der umfunktionierten Liebenkind Kalenderhülle

Last week I began my little bloggers essentials blog post series and I started with my power bank. Today I will tell you something about a really must have for every travel blogger : a passport ! If you want to travel the world, you simply must have one. While traveling Europe your id card would be enough, but what if you want to travel the rest of the world ? North America ? South America ? Africa ? In this case you could need a visa which can be stamped into your passport.