My ‚blogger’s essentials‘ : Let’s do it like pros 2.0 – w/ the IKEA tabletop studio

With 2 spotlights, the ceiling can be well lit and the Styrofoam reflects the light | Mit 2 Strahlern lässt sich die Decke gut anstrahlen und der Styropor wirft das Licht zurück

A new year, an improvement of my photo equipment. I already made myself a light box, do you remember ? It is great but sometimes to small, to limited. I need to think outside the box from time to time. And that mean, I need a rather open light box. But also not a too big one, my apartment isn’t that spacious. The best would be to fit in the interior when not in use … to serve its real purpose … like a table …

Ein neues Jahr, eine Verbersserung meines Photo equipment. Ich habe mir ja schon eine Lightbox gebastelt, weisst Du noch ? Sie ist großartig, aber manchmal doch zu klein, zu begrenzt. Ich muss doch schon von Zeit zu Zeit ausserhalb der Box denken. Ich brauche also eine eher offene Lightbox. Aber dann auch wieder nicht eine zu kleine, denn meine Wohneng ist nicht so geräumig . Am besten wäre es, sie würde sich in meine Einrichtung einfügen, wenn sie nicht gebraucht wird … und dann ihrem eigentlich Zweck dienen … wie ein Tisch …



My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : liquid free toiletry bag

One of the most famous travel quotes is by Susan Heller :

„When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money.“

I always followed this advise even without knowing it – when it comes to the clothes ! When Polyvios and I traveled to Greece the first time I stuffed all my clothes in a small cabin trolley. But I knew my toiletry must not stay in it. So Polyvios had it in his luggage. I didn’t like this solution. So I looked for alternative cosmetics. Something that wasn’t liquid… Weiterlesen

My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : mobile phone and USB stick

Oh boy, it’s already my fourth week of my little blog post series. I already covered my power bank, my passport and my new suitcases. I am doing pretty well ! Today I will tell you something I acquired very recently : my new mobile phone and my new USB stick ! Weiterlesen

Reorganisation of my ‚Booktrotter‘ section

I am blogging on WordPress two years now and I feel it is time to change a few things. I am still thinking about a suitable logo, but that’s is a different story. Weiterlesen

My ‚bloggers essentials‘ : suitcases

Hi there, today I present you something I got as a present for my last birthday and a must have when it comes to traveling : suitcases !