Hack : I did some filofaxing

I read once you shouldn’t dress for the job you HAVE but for the job you WANT. So trying to build a career as academic or journalist or both does mean to dress like one. And it’s no secret that it’s the accessory that makes the outfit ! An accessory like a business calendar. Since my Liebeskind calendar became a little too small for my dates I decided to buy a bigger one : A Filofax Saffiano Compact Organiser. Weiterlesen

Welcome to the Jungle – At the RikzDesign shooting

Do you remember Rika ? A dear friend of mine and fellow H&M sales adviser ? Earlier this year I told, that she is about to start her own fashion label called  ‚RikzDesign‘ and we went to the Fashion.Yard to network. Well, what can I say, a fortnight ago she took a great step further on the road to success : Her first fashion shooting ! She teamed up with photographer Anna Sohlenkamp and make up artist Sarah Sophie. Andreja Pugel was modeling.
When Rika asked me if I would like to attend the shoot and write a behind-the-scenes-post about it here on London, Paris, Milan, blah … I gladly accepted. Women must empower and support each other !
Thus, we all met at the planting house at the Rombergpark to get her magic started:

Welcome to the jungle !


Death of a Sales Adviser – Update after 6 months: Still on the look out.

As you probably know I am currently looking for a new job. I want to leave H&M after 6 years and build my career on my studies. Now it is time for a little balance : I wrote 57 applications and got 48 rejections. I have to keep the look out !

Ihr wissst es wahrscheinlich schon, ich bin auf der Suche nach einem neuen Job. Ich möchte H&M nach 6 Jahren verlassen und meine Karriere auf meinem Studium aufbauen. Nun ist es Zeit für eine kleine Bilanz : Ich habe 57 Bewerbungen geschrieben und habe 48 Absagen bekommen. Ich muss weiter Ausschau halten !

Work like a bird !

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Yesterday I stumbled across this French proverb. Its literal translation is „Little by little, the bird makes its nest.“ I found it very appropriate in my situation because it highlights  patience and perseverance. Very important qualities, in my opinion, for all aspects of life: while writing your PhD thesis, searching for a new job, building your career and growing your blog.

Excuse me, do you happen to have a job offer?

Today I wrote my first unsolicited application . It’s kind of odd applying into the blue .

Ich habe heute meine erste Initiativbewerbung geschrieben. Es ist schon komisch, wenn man sich ins Blaue hinein bewirbt.