Simplify your wardrobe : Boyfriend Jeans ✓

I added another item to my list : the boyfriend jeans. What a relief: after all these super teeny weeny skinny jeans, I now have a denim with a relaxed fit. A very relaxed fit ! I normally wear 29, but it was way to big so I took it in 28 and it could … Simplify your wardrobe : Boyfriend Jeans ✓ weiterlesen


Black + black = ∞ options !

A month ago I wrote about my ambition to simplify my wardrobe and was very surprised that I lack some quite essential items, actually. It truly is weird that I have to buy some things In order to escape the consumption terrorism and to build a classic timeless wardrobe full of long living high quality … Black + black = ∞ options ! weiterlesen

Simplify your wardrobe – an inventory

Currently the blogosphere is flooded with entries in which my fellow bloggers show off their bedroom-in-which-their-clothes-are-stuffed-up-to-the-ceiling aka 'walk-in-closet' and Ikea billy shelves bursting with shoes. I can't help, that doesn't look desirable to me. Why do we need so many clothes? I'm pretty sure, they don't even wear all of these. I prefer buying only … Simplify your wardrobe – an inventory weiterlesen